Conference Presentations & Invited Talks

Human-Machine Collaborative Decision-making in Organizations: Examining the Impact of Algorithm Prediction Bias on Decision Bias and Perceived Fairness, Workshop on Information Systems & Economics (WISE), Austin, TX, 2021. slides“The Interplay of People, Technology, & Organizational Practices in Algorithmic Decision Making: An Experimental Study with Loan Application Reviewing“, Workshop on Information Systems & Economics (WISE), Munich, Germany, 2019. slides“Man-Machine Collaboration in Organizational Decision-Making: An Experimental Study Using Loan Application Evaluation”, Pre-ICIS AIS Special Interest Group on Decision Support & Analytics Symposium (SIG-DSA), Munich, Germany, 2019. slides“Developing Productive Long-Term Working Relationship between Expert Human Decision Makers and Machine Learning Algorithms”, The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Fall Symposium on AI & Work, Arlington, VA, 2019. presented paper“Algorithmic Decision Making: Can Humans and AI Work Together as High Performance Teams?”, AI World Conference & Expo, Boston, MA, 2019 (top industry conference in AI). poster“Impacts of Information Provision and Visualization on Collective Decision-Making”. Pre-ICIS Workshop on e-Business (WeB), Santa Clara, CA, 2018.“Studies on Impacts of Information on Organizational Decision Making”. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) Doctoral Consortium, Pacific Grove, CA, 2018.“Algorithmic Decision Making: Aversion or Adoption–When Do Managers Use AI on the Job?”. City University of New York Annual Data Analytics Symposium, New York, NY, 2018.“Impacts of Information Provision and Visualization on Collective Decision Making”. City University of New York Annual Early Research & Scholarship Conference, New York, NY, 2018