Grants, Honors, and Awards

Primary Data Collection Grant. (University of Warwick), 2022.  £8,400

Mills & Tannenbaum Research Excellence Award (CUNY, Baruch College), 2020$2,500

Awarded to 5 PhD students among 60, each being top in their field of study. 

Provost's Dissertation Research Award (CUNY, The Graduate Center), 2019–2020.  $25,000 and Full-Tuition Scholarship

Awarded to 10 out of 100 applicants, for excellent PhD dissertation research.

Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Research Award (CUNY, The Futures Initiative), 2019.  $500

Awarded to 8 out of 27 applicants, for research at intersection of Humanities, Arts, & Sciences.

Provost's Pre-Dissertation Research Award (CUNY, The Graduate Center), 2018.  $4,000

Awarded to 80 out of 200 applicants, to support early dissertation work. 

ICIS Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2018

AMCIS Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2018

Doctoral Student Research Grants (CUNY, The Graduate Center), 2019–2020, 2017–2018.  $950 and $1,070

Awarded to select PhD students to support their research.

Research and Travel Grants (CUNY, Baruch College), 2018–2019Conference and Travel Expenses

The Graduate Center Fellowship (CUNY, The Graduate Center), 2014–2019.   $25,000 and Full-Tuition Scholarship.

Awarded to select high-performing PhD students.

President’s Scholar (Wesleyan College), Fall 2013

Provost's List Scholar (Wesleyan College), Fall 2012

Dean’s List Scholar (Wesleyan College), Fall 2010, Spring 2011

International Scholarship (Wesleyan College), 2010–2014Full Tuition Scholarship

Awarded to top 10% incoming international students.